Awards & Recognition

2014-Exhibit at USGA Museum- USGA’s African-American Golf History Symposium & Exhibit, "More than A Game" exhibit 
permanently landmarks the importance of this club’s golf legacy.

2014-Exhibit at World Golf Hall of Fame

2013-Washington, DC -Proclamation from the City - June 8th-Wake Robin Day- for our influences
in promoting golf in the African American community from the District of Columbia.

2013-National Black Golf Hall of Fame Induction- permanently landmarks the importance
of this clubs’ golf legacy to golf history but more importantly its contribution to American history
and all the values America aspires to emulate.

Langston Golf Course Legacy Celebration-showcasing all the African American Golf Clubs that played there & their histories

2011-African American Golfers Digest Outstanding Leaders in Golf Award 

It is our hope that somehow we’ve made a difference, a positive impact on our community, on women’s lives, and in between, on ourselves.

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